MOJO: "The superpower that enables you to be successful and full of energy"

Give women in your firm the community and skills they need to THRIVE in the job they love, take back CONTROL of their career trajectory, and LEAD at any level while accelerating your successful innovation cycle and improving your bottom line.

Underrepresented In Fortune 500 Leadership Roles

Only 13% of Fortune 500 firms had a woman as CIO, VP of Information Security or CISO as of 2018

16% Decline In Woman Participation in STEM Fields

Computing alone is the most telling with a drop of 36% to 18% in woman participation since 1991.

Limited Representation In Tech Leadership

One out of every 20,114 women in Tech is a CIO as of 2018.

Women Are Leaving Tech at Twice the Rate of Men Exiting Tech

Over 50% of women leave tech after 12 years, twice the rate of men leaving. Leading causes are burnout, harassment, lack of well-deserving opportunities given, and feeling unfulfilled.

Opportunities Earned, Few Opportunities Given

The #1 reason women give for exiting tech is frustration with great work going unnoticed or unappreciated. "I've been passed over for more opportunities than I can remember."

Turnover In Tech = $64B every year

While facing the greatest number of cybersecurity threats and the impending demise of numerous legacy systems across industries, turnover in tech is costing companies around the world a collective annual price tag of $64B.

Women in tech have been fighting a losing battle...until now.

Enter MOJO Maker: The Best Field-Tested Strategy for Filling Your Diverse Talent Pool With Qualified Leadership Candidates

Our program was developed by successful leaders in two of the most male-dominated environments in the world: the Department of Defense, and High Tech.

This is the community we were starving to have even 10 years ago.

Hi, I’m Karen Worstell, founder of MOJO Maker. I made a career out of cybersecurity… 

I was the only woman in the room. From being the mom of toddlers to the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup and CISO at Microsoft, my path required resilience and courage. I can only imagine how much better my experience would have been if I had MOJO Maker at the time. 

I started MOJO Maker to help women gain clarity on their career, momentum with their everyday leadership opportunities, and the resilience to navigate the ‘good ol’ boys club’ inbred in the tech world. Diverse women are critical to Tech firms’ bottom-line revenue and are role models for generations to come. We need women to Rise in Tech now more than ever before.

If You’re Looking to Just Check a Diversity Box, MOJO Maker Isn’t For You

MOJO Maker Is for Companies Who Know Diverse Leadership Is the Key to Near-Term Profitability and a Profound Legacy In Tech.

It’s not just the ‘right thing to do’ – it makes sense for your business.

It’s not just the right thing to do: it makes business sense…

Boston Consulting Group

Companies with higher levels of diversity get more revenue from new products and services.” “Innovation performance only increased significantly when the workforce included a non-trivial percentage of women (more than 20%) in management positions.”

Credit Suisse Research Institute

Companies with at least one woman director had better share price performance than those companies without women for the last six years.”

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What is MOJO Maker?

MOJO Maker is a group coaching experience designed to help women in tech build leadership skills that are rocket fuel for their career and your bottom line.

MOJO Maker will help women in your company:

  • Conquer the inner critic that’s holding them back
  • Exude confidence so they can maximize their leadership potential
  • Know what they really want and express those intentions with clarity
  • Connect to a like-minded community of women
  • Create resilient leadership that influences culture throughout your company — and beyond

My confidence has increased and I’m advocating effectively at work for the first time.

Within 30 days of the start of the program I had clarity on my career path.

Are you a woman in tech?

Are you tired of leadership seminars and training that do not help make change last?

The mindset shift that happens when you decide to own your career and invest in yourself is what accelerates your career growth.

You don't have to wait for your company to send you to a weekend workshop or a year of monthly coaching calls.

You can get all the benefits of MOJO Maker as an individual starting today.

OUR 2020 Cohorts are scheduling NOW.


Let the future of tech talent management pass you by…

or embrace the future now

Whether you are a seasoned tech pro, just getting started, or already an executive

MOJO Maker makes a difference for your career
and for the people, you lead.

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What our clients say

Our clients see significant change within one month

My confidence has increased and I'm advocating effectively at work for the first time.
Mojo Maker
My confidence has increased and I'm advocating effectively at work for the first time.

Within 30 days of the start of the program I had clarity on my career path.
Mojo Maker
Within 30 days of the start of the program I had clarity on my career path.

The intensive was transformative for my career.
Mojo Maker
The intensive was transformative for my career.
Mojo Maker

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