There is a Stampede of Tech Talent Heading for the Door
Women have had it with the old boy’s culture of silicon valley.
And are voting with their feet because they tired of being talked over, passed over, under recognized and under compensated. Women are done with working 3 times harder than their colleagues just to stay in one place.
  I’m on a mission to stem the stampede of women leaving the Tech industry through group and 1:1 coaching programs that will help you get recognized, promoted and the compensation you deserve.
Work Life Balance had disappeared but I couldn't even see - until this happened.

We were on a mom-daughter trip to Hawaii - just the two of us - and I did five board calls in one week.
That's when I knew I was following the Brotopia Bluepring.
That Blueprint is the set of MYTHS that women absorb and live by in the Big Tech culture, such as:
  • Keep your head down, be excellent, you'll be rewarded. 
  • ​You'll pay dearly for risk taking and failing so don't.
  • Work three times harder than your colleagues just to stay even.
  • Never challenge other's expectations of you—just work harder no matter how unreasonable.
I had to learn HOW to change this - and share it with YOU

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When AAUW showed women in STEM were making gains... 
...EXCEPT in COMPUTING, I understood that the Brotopia Blueprint was why, and now... I am focused on helping diverse women in Tech to find balance and LOVE their Tech jobs.
What We Do Here At MOJO Maker for women in Tech
We offer coaching options on your terms, that get results in record time.
1:1 VIP Days Coaching
VIP Days are 100% designed around the issues you have right now with a guarantee of results.
MOJO Maker For Women In Tech Online
In this online course you'll get everything you need to handle adversity and take your tech career to the next level
In this foundational course, you will learn how to stop burnout in its tracks and flameproof your life.
See what our members have to say:
"This program has significantly changed the way I show up to work every day.

Making career advancements is so much easier when I have people who trust me and advocate for me, and people who listen to me and speak truth to me and celebrate me.

The MOJO Maker for Women in Tech  program has helped me understand the value of these types of relationships and has held me accountable for building them.

I've learned the true power of a network and the value in sharing my experiences with other women."

— Meagan Combs

"I definitely recommend this program for anybody that is looking to just really scale their career by way of some introspective analysis in an incredibly safe space, partnering with other women, but also being led and guided through the incredible, incredible Karen Worstell. MOJO Maker for me was such an opportunity to focus on a couple of key critical items that I knew would help put me in a position to take my career to the next level.

The confidence that I got throughout that is really incomparable. And I don't know if it would have gone and happened so quickly had I not been armed with some of the resources and tool kits that Karen's workshop and program provided for me.

So really, Karen, thank you. I feel so lucky and honored to have had that time with you through MOJO Maker and the work that you put together to frame and tee us all up for success. "

— Alicia Jessip

“Karen is a compelling communicator who has a great ability to develop and provide strategic direction within the business and amongst the leadership team. Her broad range of knowledge in Security and Compliance combined with her strengths makes her a key change agent.”

— Vanessa Pegueros, VP & CISO, Seattle

In the past year I have gone through some major adjustments in my professional life. I graduated from a coding bootcamp and started a new career in software. I joined MOJO Maker at the beginning of my job hunt and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I received incredible coaching and community at a time when I was feeling very vulnerable and even defeated. The coaching calls became the highlight of my week- not only did I feel heard in my struggles but I also gained skills that I immediately put into action in my job search. 

I learned how to use visualization to best prepare for interview code challenges and started to develop skills for becoming an excellent communicator. Because of this coaching I was able to land a job I was excited about in a relatively short amount of time. MOJO Maker is a community where members can learn from and support one another and it is truly transformative.

— Kim Myers

I wanted to say "Thank You" soooo very, very much for volunteering your time to speak with us. Your talk resonated deeply with me. It was such an "eye-opener". It's going to change how I navigate my landscape now. 

Thank you also for generously giving us the gift of your course. I can't wait to begin it! It's going to be "Food for my Soul". 
Thank you again for all that you do to help women in tech. You are a such a GIFT to us. And we appreciate you.  

Thank you. Have an Amazing day!

— Lisha

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