Throughout my decades in the tech industry, I have learned the key strategies to help your career take off – and I'd love to help you!

In our 45 minutes together, you'll get:
  •  Get your custom plan to SLAY 2021 and have your career (and life) finally get the trajectory you are craving 
  • Discover the support systems that will help you be flameproof (no more burnout!)
  • The exact way to set juicy goals that light you up (this is not what you've been taught to do)
  • Know exactly how to stand confidently in your authority and use your voice. 
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founder of MOJO Maker. I made a career out of cybersecurity… 

I was the only woman in the room. From being the mom of toddlers to the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup and CISO at Microsoft, my path required resilience and courage. I can only imagine how much better my experience would have been if I had MOJO Maker at the time. 

I started MOJO Maker to help women gain clarity on their career, momentum with their everyday leadership opportunities, and the resilience to navigate the ‘good ol’ boys club’ inbred in the tech world. Diverse women are critical to Tech firms’ bottom-line revenue and are role models for generations to come. We need women to Rise in Tech now more than ever before.

MOJO Maker for Women in Tech is not affiliated with the company Mojo Maker Health + Wellness.

Who is Karen Worstell?

Hi, My name is Karen Worstell and by now, you're probably asking...

Who am I and why should you take advantage of this offer?

Here's why:

I spent decades as a leader in the Tech industry, much of it at the C-Level in Silicon Valley and Silicon Forest companies (AtomicTangerine, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft) and Financial Services.

I've spent years coaching hundreds of women in Tech, helping them make more money, get more out of their career, and climb the ladder of success.

I have invested thousands of hours in supervised clinical time working with people in critical care settings dealing with distress, trauma, and loss.

I speak to organizations dozens of times a year about career strategies,
retaining women (and men) in Tech.

We've used these methods in our coaching program for the last four
years and the results have been incredible..

So, if you are ready to get what you deserve as a woman in Tech, I invite you to click the button below and enroll in The 5 Day Challenge. We will help you take the steps necessary to get that promotion, create more opportunity for yourself, and take your career to the next level.

See you inside,

Karen Worstell