Imagine this scenario:

Your CIO is being deposed by hostile counsel following a devastating ransomware attack at your company.

This is not gone well for other companies in the same boat – and there is a lot on the line. Until this happens:

“Counsel ,our company has implemented a set of controls that meets all standards of reasonable security for the protection of data. I can prove to you that the controls we’ve implemented are the right controls, that they are in place, and they are operational 100% of the time. Next question, please.”

Data breaches and the imminent threat of ransomware are enough to keep a CIO awake all night.

Are you doing the right things?  Are you doing them in the right places? Is your malware strategy keeping up with the latest attacks?

Most municipalities and companies are faced with a seemingly impossible dilemma: manage the budget, meet all statutes and regulations, make sure that technology innovation addresses business need and customer expectations, and  don’t get hacked!

The reality is, if cybercrime were a nation state, it would be the 13th largest GDP in the world.  Your adversary does not have a budget limitation.

We’re here to help you make sure you have implemented the right things in the right places to be as effective and efficient as possible.

Ransomware does not need to be a worry any longer.

W Risk Group is proud to announce that TrueCDR™ by odix is part of our solution suite, to bring you next-generation malware prevention.  CDR is Content Disarm and Reconstruction and it is to malware what UV light is to germs.  Find out how you can use your USB devices safely, trust files coming into your company, and have the peace of mind that comes knowing you are protected from zero-day attacks.

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IBM reports that the global average cost of a data breach is up 6.4 percent over the previous year to $3.86M

The average cost for each lost or stolen record containing sensitive and confidential information also increased by 4.8 percent to $148.

If your breach contains data of EU citizens, your exposure could be significantly higher under the GDPR. And if you are the holder of millions of records, theIBM study showed that breaches of 1 to 50 million records cost companies between $40 and $350 million respectively.

This is what W Risk Group offers you in light of this business exposure. We help you determine the reasonable, necessary, and sufficient set of controls to protect all your data, as well as your customers, and provide your strategic roadmap so you are well positioned to defend yourself against criminals as well as hostile counsel.

We offer you:

  • Increased protection by helping you choose the right strategy
  • Save time by ensuring program projects are the ones that serves your need.
  • Reduced operational cost and avoidance of unnecessary CAPEX by increasing cyber hygiene.
  • 100%improvement in your audit outcomes – because your security is right-sized and rational.

We provide you the roadmap so that your company can implement in a timeframe that works for you. You will be able to demonstrate due diligence to a defensible standard of care. And you can sleep at night.

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