Is Facing A Massive Deficit Of Talent


Cybersecurity is probably the best career on the planet. I know it has been for me. It touches every aspect of the technology that drives our society the technical and the human. It demands everything from practitioners and, in return, it gives a lifelong career. It will never be “done.” To stay on top of cybersecurity is to stay abreast of everything happening now in tech, and to try to anticipate the future.

My goal is to share 30 years perspective on cybersecurity – and to learn from the past to predict the future. It truly is a “same game, different name”scenario in fundamental ways.
And I am committed to reversing the trend of women leaving tech in my life time- so we spend a lot of energy speaking to groups about staying the course so that this generation of women can provide broad shoulders for the next generation of young girls to have the opportunity to reach their highest peak of achievement in cybersecurity if that is what they choose.

Because the world needs it. Our communities. Our families – need us to succeed in cybersecurity.

We love to talk about MOJO. We love to share about the ways diverse groups find resilience.

So we’re often out on the road at various events – below is the list we update regularly where you can hear us talk or just come network!

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the World

Karen has spoken on cybersecurity topics in countries around the world since 1990including presentations to Interpol, Lloyds of London, and Fortune 100 clients in Asia, Europe, Canada and the US.

“Karen is a compelling communicator who has a great ability to develop and provide strategic direction within the business and amongst the leadership team. Her broad range of knowledge in Security and Compliance combined with her strengths makes her a key change agent.” Vanessa Pegueros, VP and CISO.

“Karen is a proven leader! I have been fortunate to have worked with Karen at several conferences. She has been responsive, organized, and focused on the details. Asa leader, she played a key role in supporting the Secure World conferences not only as a presenter, but has also recruited many other people to attend the events.” Kerry Nelson, Program Director.

“Karen is a dynamic leader in the security industry! She has a broad view of security risk and can effectively apply it across people, process, and technology. She articulates security issues extremely well and is a strategic leader in the security industry!” Gary Toretti, SVP, CISO.

“I recently had the pleasure of having Karen present the opening keynote at the2018 CSA- Colorado Fall Summit and she gave an outstanding speech! She presented to over 175 attendees and was funny, informative, and engaging with the audience. Everyone gave a “thumbs-up” on her Keynote! Karen presented relevant issues pertaining to Cloud Security, challenges organization and individuals are facing in their everyday life and how to think about different ways to address these challenges and take a different/creative view to find a resolution.” Al Bartron, CISSP GSEC ITIL v3


Solving Our CyberSecurity Talent Shortage

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